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My review of Barbie.avi - BIID

The Video Version of my Review

The text BIID appears in the video for barbie.avi. It appears in the beginning of the 4th part which I will put here. Keep in mind that part 3 either is missing or doesn't exist:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4 

When googling BIID, the first result is a wiki page for a special disorder called Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Link is here: HERE

BIID is also referred to as amputee disorder. Victims of BIID mentally believe that a piece of their own body doesn't "fit" with them anymore. This could refer to any body part, such as an eye, a limb, and even some of their own ... "skin". In more milder cases of BIID, victims have shown to be jealous of amputees or any person with any physical handicap. This disorder can be dangerous and even lethal in extreme cases when victims attempt to cut off pieces their own body  

Also, there is an image of the woman from Barbie.avi showing off what's left of here right arm: HERE

This is the answer I have for Barbie.avi: 

I believe that the deserted house in question is the site of this woman's first operation to remove her right arm. The owner of the computer successfully granted his client's wish and illegally removed her right arm in that house. Barbie.avi itself is an interview post-operation conducted by the owner of the thrown out computer and the woman in question. The image from the video, which shows her showing off her nub arm, proves that Barbie.avi was recorded post-op. The woman in the video is being questioned by someone about her issue with here "skin", particularly the skin which she keeps pulling at on her right arm (which is removed) but the nub that remains on her body is still bothering her. She wants the rest of it gone. That's why she keeps pulling on the skin from her nub and is crying. I believe the woman went back to the house for a second operation to fully remove what was left of her arm and something went wrong. The owner of the house botched the second procedure and perhaps fled the scene before she woke up. Maybe there was no anesthesia and she wasn't knocked out prior to the surgery. Even if the woman agreed to do that she would have to be restrained, possibly even tied down. 

When the protagonist stumbles into the house the basement door which looks a bit to new is locked, the bathtub has been used to wash something that is still damp, and the dust from the mirror had been wiped as if someone was checking themselves out - maybe to make sure that there was no "evidence" of his/her activities dripping off their clothes. After that the person or maybe even persons involved fled the scene leaving the woman from the video behind. That same night, the evidence is "destroyed" by throwing the computer out a window in the middle of a bad area in Detroit. The protagonist finds it and notes that the computer had been wiped clean of everything except Barbie.avi. It sounds weird at first but maybe in their panic they forgot to delete Barbie.avi because of the amount of videos on that computer. I don't think the woman from the video is their first client. Regardless, the creepypasta starts with the protagonist finding the computer and after some time (he leaves it in his girlfriends car for a while) watches the video. He goes to the house the next day, finds what he finds, and then hears a moan that is so scary he jumps out of a second story window. The moan could've been the suffering woman from Barbie.avi, the drain pipes as the protagonist mentions, or even the moan from a different "botched" surgery victim entirely. 

Finally, why call the video Barbie.avi? You can do many things with a barbie. You can brush their hair, undress them everywhere, or even remove their limbs. 

I gave this story an 8/10. I like the premise and the buildup to the story. Its not the best and its ending might leave some readers unsatisfied with more questions than answers, which is another aspect that I like. Overall, a solid story.  

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