Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Real Creator of Jeff the Killer

We all know Jeff the Killer is a bit of a joke. The 2011 creepypasta featuring a young boy who turns crazy after beating up a bunch of bullies, has been received with mixed views. VERY mixed reviews.

However, the original story of Jeff the Killer may not be the one we are all thinking of. Apparently, the original story could have been made three years earlier.

In 2008, this bizzare youtuber named Sesseur made a video titled "Jeff the Killer [Original Story]. He has claimed to have nothing to do with the "famous" version of the story posted in 2011 but is instead the

His version of the story is a 2:30 min video. It begins with a title card that says: "Here is the story about Jeff and his brother Liu". Its vague and has no narration. Instead all the text is placed in the video and is accompanied by music.

It doesn't even make much sense but promises to explain the reason for how Jeff's face got so pale. There's even a part that claims that "Jeff is good with children" with picture of a red van with "Free Candy" etched on the side.

It looks like a joke video spoofing the original Jeff the Killer story, except it was made in 2008. Three years before the creepypasta version. In the about section on Sesseur's YT channel, it simply says "I am Jeff the Killer".

I attached a video where Sesseur is interviews by a YT channel called ScareTheater.  Its pretty interesting.  


Finally there's this. Attached below is a discussion from 3 months ago that confirms a real JTK story may still be in the works almost 8 years later...

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